Sunday, 29 November 2015

For some people, volunteering is about giving. But for the likes of you, it is a way of living.
Thank you !

We are lucky to have a good weather in Da Nang. It is sun shining and we still have blue sky though the rain season has started. Everything has been going great here in our program. Ms Ngan ( a volunteer assistant) and Mr Thang ( a driver) have joined our team recently. They are really good additons to our program. We are now able to go to Rec Cross Orphanage 03 times per week and love rocking the kids there. Many outing trips have been organized and given a lot of smiles on faces. We have also set up an English training program for social workers and teachers at the orphanages and schools. This in the future will help improve communication between volunteers and local people.
" Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive"
Dalai Lama

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.

Friday, 31 July 2015

There are 24 young kids at Da Nang Red Cross Orphanage who are aged from new-born to seven years old. Everytime, we visit this orphanage, our heart is fully broken. However, our support is still limited and can not cover all of their needs in caring and education. We are seeking more support and assistance from you.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Due to the limited funding, the orphanages, social centers and schools in our program have been going without enough care, medical and educational services.
1-World Charity Shops is an Australian charity registered under the Australian Charities and Not-For – Profits Commission ( the ACNC is the national charity regulator for all charities located through Australia). 1- World Charity Shops operates to support local and oversea community based organizations by promoting clothing recycling within Australia and overseas.
Since 2014, Volunteer Vietnam and 1-World Charity Shops have established a partnership which 1-World becomes our majored sponsor to support our work in Vietnam. Together, we think that “ Step By Step We can make a difference” to the vulnerable people under our case.
Here are some recent projects:

Extra nutrition and food

Due to the limited funding, the orphanages and social center have been going without enough food and nutrition. This has caused many malnutrition cases. We have spent VND 16,500,000 on buying extra food and nutrition such as fruits, milks, vegetable for the past few months. This is a successful addition to the daily meals for the children and elderly people and helps them remain in a good health.
New fence and gates for Red Cross Orphanage
It has been unsafe to the kids at Da Nang Red Cross orphanage as the fence and gates were very old and broken. It has hurt many of them while playing in the front yards. We have been able to build the new fence and gates for the orphanage and bring a safe playing area for 24 kids at this orphanage. This cost VND 27,000,000.
Step By Step room development
There is a great need for further equipping the physiotherapy rooms “ Step By Step” to make it more functional and serve more patient cases. We have been able to purchase more equipment and supplies for this facilities such as: chairs, tables, physio pillows, mattress, fans and supplies for bathroom, toilets, etc..The facilities has become our heart inside Da Nang Social Center and serve around 20 disabled patients at this center. This project costs VND 14,200,000
New washing area for elderly people
25 oldest and most disabled people at Da Nang Social live in a building without proper bathroom and washing area. In June, Ms Anouk Woudstra who is a volunteer in our program fundraised to build a new washing area for these people. During the construction, there was a need for additional fund to complete the project. We have spent VND 5,000,000 as the additional fund to this project. A new washing has been built and it has been benefitting the people here a lot.
Outing trips for children and old people
To improve the quality of life for the children at the orphanages and social center, it is necessary to take them out to the community for entertainment and freedom. We have been able to take 20 children at Da Nang Social Center to a swimming pool and give many children physiotherapy activities in the water. Also we are again able to take the kids at Da Nang Red Cross orphanage to an entertainment center where they can play some educational games and have some ice cream.

A new washing area for elderly disabled people at Da Nang Social Center ! This will help improve the quality of life for them. Thank you very much Anouk and her friends for the donation to this project !

1. Uncle Thuong is practicing walking and talking. He can walk a short distance and say a few vowels. He also practices stretching and raising his arms.
2. Bro Tam is learning English very well. He can memorise many words and really like to talk in English
3. Hoa Mi is getting physio-therapy everyday and become more flexible. She can sit, crawl, turnover and crouch.

4. Truc is undergoing physio-therapy too.
5. Thao is very active and humorous. She never stay still. She can brush her teeth by herself. She likes getting attention.
6. Sy Tuan is the youngest baby. He grows fast and very cute. He is very curious of the surrounding world and likes to watch TV.
7. The other patients like to talk to our volunteers, practice English and get cared for.
- Phuong Nhu-