The half of July - Social Center

1. Uncle Thuong is practicing walking and talking. He can walk a short distance and say a few vowels. He also practices stretching and raising his arms.
2. Bro Tam is learning English very well. He can memorise many words and really like to talk in English
3. Hoa Mi is getting physio-therapy everyday and become more flexible. She can sit, crawl, turnover and crouch.

4. Truc is undergoing physio-therapy too.
5. Thao is very active and humorous. She never stay still. She can brush her teeth by herself. She likes getting attention.
6. Sy Tuan is the youngest baby. He grows fast and very cute. He is very curious of the surrounding world and likes to watch TV.
7. The other patients like to talk to our volunteers, practice English and get cared for.
- Phuong Nhu-


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